Klérisson Paixão

Ph.D. Student @ LASCAM
Federal University of Uberlândia
Email: Click here to see it.
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Hi, I'm Klerisson.

I'm a first second third-year (when it happens?!?) PhD student in Computer Science at Federal University of Uberlândia, advised by Marcelo Maia. I received an MSc also from Federal University of Uberlândia and a BS from State University of Montes Claros, Brazil.

My research aims to enable better decision making for individuals (software developers, movie watchers, robots, ...). I'm particularly interested on how data analytics could benefit citizens, industry and society.

To put it simply, I'm a promiscuous cross-disciplinary aspirant researcher!

  • MAR-2017: "On the Interplay between Non-Functional Requirements and Builds on Continuous Integration" accepted at MSR2017 - The 14th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories.
  • FEV-2017:
    • Accepted as an ACM Reviewer for Computing Reviews.
    • Selected as a Student Volunteer for the premier conference on software engineering ICSE-2017 - International Conference on Software Engineering.
  • JAN-2017: Paper accepted at JIDM - Journal of Information and Data Management.
  • NOV-2016:
    • Paper accepted at SANER - 24th IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering.
    • Paper accepted at JBCS - Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society.
  • SEP-2016: Paper accepted at KDMiLe2016 - Symposium on Knowledge Discovery, Mining and Learning.
  • AGO-2016: Two papers accepted at ICTAI2016 - 28th IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence.
  • JUL-2016: Back to Brazil after inspiring experiences. Many thanks to RMoD - INRIA Lille.
  • APR-2016: Attending ETAPS 2016.
  • MAR-2016: "Visual Perception Similarities to Improve the Quality of User Cold Start Recommendations" accepted at Canadian AI 2016.
  • DEZ-2015: EvoLille ended. Great events! Check out some pictures: BENEVOL EOSESE
  • SEP-2015: Distinguished paper award (Runner up) at VEM'2015 @CBSoft'2015: Redocumenting APIs with Crowd Knowledge: A study on the coverage of the Swing API on StackOverflow (in portuguese).
  • SEP-2015: Visiting PhD Student at RMoD - INRIA Lille.
  • Publications

    Important note: The copyrights for the following papers belong to the publishers. Papers may be downloaded for personal or research purposes only.

  • ICPC-2017 Sub-reviewer.
  • SANER-2017 Sub-reviewer.
  • Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering (SBES) 2016 Sub-reviewer.
  • Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages (SBLP) 2016 Sub-reviewer.
  • IX Simpósio de Informática 2016 Reviewer.
  • SEKE-2016 Sub-reviewer.
  • SANER-2016 Sub-reviewer.
  • ETAPS/FASE-2016 Sub-reviewer.
  • Teaching

    TA for ED2 - Data Structures II - BS in Computer Science (Second semester 2016).